(in the space where i was), by Dana Guthrie Martin

In the Space Where I Was cover art by Naima Underwood

(because none of the messages are apologies)
(and the messages sing hollow notes like tapping on bones)
(and sap from dandelion stems stains my hands)
(and letting go requires loosening requires slack)
(and just once I saw the apogee in a dreamscape)

-- 6, from (in the space where i was)

About Dana Guthrie Martin

Dana Guthrie Martin lives in Walla Walla, Wash., a charming town whose name means many waters. She shares her home with her husband and their beloved chihuahua, Cricket “Miss B” Hayden. Martin’s work includes Toward What Is Awful (YesYes Books, 2012) and The Spare Room (Blood Pudding Press, 2009).