Homebodies, Sarah J. Sloat

do you spin in your sleep, dervish
with your freakish hair
your splintering whip

do you wake when the noon meal’s eaten
when jaws rust shut
wake beside the wooden spoons

when you sense the baker set to work
what do you whisper to the scissors

frothmonger, do you wake and whorl
when you hear the sugar pour
the butter slump on its bed

do you itch to spring with circling birds
free your hail and hornets
when the eggs open, skylike

-- "Whisk", from Homebodies

About Sarah J. Sloat

Sarah J. Sloat grew up in New Jersey, and has lived in Germany for many years, where she works in news. You can visit her at her website: http://theraininmypurse.blogspot.com