Fabulous Beast: The Sow, Sarah Kain Gutowski

Fabulous Beast: The Sow

Perhaps no lesson is simpler than this.
The sow learns the sum of her life:
the farmer's hand, which guided her so swiftly
from the warmest bed, her mother's body,
will be the same hand to sell her with a handshake
or render her to meat.

-- What Loves Us Also Kills Us, from Fabulous Beast: The Sow

Fabulous Beast: The Sow
by Sarah Kain Gutowski

About Sarah Kain Gutowski

Sarah Kain Gutowski's poems have been published in Verse Daily, The Gettysburg Review, The Southern Review, Epiphany, The Threepenny Review, and So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art. She is an Associate Professor of English at Suffolk County Community College on Long Island, where she lives with her husband and their circus of children and dogs. She keeps a record of her writing life, experience in academia, and motherhood at http://mimsyandoutgrabe.blogspot.com.