Catastrophe Theory, by Susan Yount

Catastrophe Theory cover art by Renée Alberts

Simple isn't it?

The folding house folds faster.
Now I'm repeating myself and you hate that.

The folding house folds faster.
The folding house is folding faster
and faster and faster and faster yet
just one more step and you’ll open the door too.

You've been warned. The house could fold on you.
But you keep coming closer.
And you haven’t left this room (it's your last chance)

You're invited.

-- excerpt from "Fold Catastrophe", from Catastrophe Theory

About Susan Yount

Susan Yount is editor and publisher of the Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal and madam of the Chicago Poetry Bordello. She received first prize in the Poetry Center of Chicago’s 2010 Juried Reading, works fulltime at the Associated Press and teaches online poetry classes at the Rooster Moans. She recently completed her MFA in poetry at Columbia College Chicago and has published poems and short stories in many print and online publications.