First Crush, Yinka Rose Reed-Nolan

First Crush, Yinka Rose Reed-Nolan

I wanted to call you a Bitch
when you decided not to give things
more energy than they already had,
relegated yourself to a nod
and smile
as if to say
my life was a collage of repeating themes
and you were sick of them,
but I didn’t think you’d appreciate that
so I said I was sorry
for not being able to adequately speak
to describe the slow blaze of destruction inside me.

For letting you think
I was air and not fire.

-- from First Crush

First Crush
by Yinka Rose Reed-Nolan

About Yinka Rose Reed-Nolan

Yinka Rose Reed-Nolan recently fled the harsh winters of upstate New York for desert living in Arizona where she writes in the sunshine, studies for PhD field exams, and edits If and Only If: A Journal of Body Image and Eating Disorders. Her poems and essays have appeared in Bloom, Blotterature, Brickplight, Foliate Oak, Niche, and The Dying Goose.