Nocturnes, by Kathleen Kirk

Nocturnes cover art by Nashay Jones

Why doesn’t the falling rocket
reassemble as a woodcock?

Which rhinoceros lends its horn
of matted hair to love?

Why did no one teach a waterwheel
to juggle pots of paint?

Where did the Milky Way
put all its white pebbles tonight?

-- "Nocturne in Black and Gold", from Nocturnes

by Kathleen Kirk

About Kathleen Kirk

Kathleen Kirk is the author of three previous poetry chapbooks, Selected Roles (Moon Journal Press, 2006), a set of theatre and persona poems; Broken Sonnets (Finishing Line Press, 2009); and Living on the Earth (Finishing Line Press, New Women’s Voices Series, #74). Her work appears in a variety of print and online journals, including After Hours, Confrontation, Spoon River Poetry Review, Sweet, and Umbrella. Her awards include the 2011 Ekphrasis Prize from Ekphrasis Journal and first prize for a love poem from Adanna Journal. A former editor of RHINO and former associate editor for Poetry East, she is now the poetry editor for Escape Into Life, an online adventure.