Book Four, by Niina Pollari

Book Four cover art by Minna Pollari

Singeing the hilltop, hangover morning.
It bunches up like a sweetheart’s
dress in the breakneck eastern sky.
So, in the tree hang human
hearts, in the wind-breath cringing
like muscle pendants. They’re hearts
I’m sure. I’ve never seen one (out
of the body) but I know: the sound
they make is heart, pure heart, pure
ligament sound, sticking tendon,
living noise, in the sunrise golden
and beating and bloodless:
this meat that to everyone
means love, love-loss, love-bound
acts of remarkable vision. The things
that love forgives when you ask it.

-- excerpt from Book Four

About Niina Pollari

Niina Pollari writes, translates, and coordinates events in Brooklyn. Birds of Lace published her chapbook Fabulous Essential in 2009, and a full-length manuscript will be out in her native Finland sometime around the looming Mayan apocalypse. Visit her at