A Wicked Apple, by Susan Slaviero

A Wicked Apple cover art and design by Renée Alberts

A man is waiting. He offers the girl a piece
of sweet halvah. Blisters form
on her tongue. He wears a mesh suit
when he handles her. The vast
dimensions of his hands, the way they
smell of leather and freshly husked corn.
There is a scar near the arch
of his eyebrow, still sutured
with rough black thread.

-- excerpt from "Hives", A Wicked Apple

About Susan Slaviero

Susan Slaviero is the author of CYBORGIA (Mayapple Press, 2010). Recent and forthcoming chapbooks include Apocrypha (Dancing Girl Press, 2009), An Introduction to the Archetypes (Shadowbox Press, 2008) and Selections from The Murder Book (Ghost Ocean, forthcoming). Her work has appeared in Rhino, PANK, Kill Author, Artifice Magazine, Mythic Delirium and elsewhere. She designs and edits the electronic literary journal blossombones and performs as August Rose with the Chicago Poetry Brothel.