My Mother's Child, Pamela L. Taylor

What makes sense disappears
under straw hats,
this bizarre America,
where they pay
to return to rural
roots my people fled—
that second Exodus
to auto plants, steel mills,
city-hard streets—
so I wouldn’t
have to stand in sweat
tasting the dry,
salted past
on my tongue.

-- Stuff White People Like #132: Picking Their Own Fruit, from My Mother's Child

My Mother's Child
by Pamela L. Taylor
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About Pamela L. Taylor

Pamela L. Taylor is a data guru by day and a poet by night. She has a doctorate in Psychology from UCLA, an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and was a Cave Canem Fellow 2012, 2013, 2014). As part of Living Poetry, Pamela organizes and promotes poetry events in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Her work has appeared in Backbone Press, Blackberry, Construction Literary Magazine, Mused Literary Review, Pedestal Magazine, Sou’wester Literary Journal, When Women Waken and several anthologies. When Pamela is not working or writing, she’s dancing Argentinean tango. Her blog,, is geared toward poets with non-literary careers. .