Compassion Fountain, Liz Bowen

Compassion Fountain, Liz Bowen

< what if i were a blood locker that held many vials
in rows in colors some even horseshoe blue
some even metal some smelling of steeltoe dirt
what if i could give them to my friends >


< / what if we were truly compensated for the lifting
at the bar in the office hours in the apartment party
what if we had more money for more blood
we can’t have money but what if we had more blood >

-- from Compassion Fountain

About Liz Bowen

Liz Bowen is a poet and critic living in New York. She is the author of Sugarblood (Metatron 2017) and the chapbook Compassion Fountain (Hyacinth Girl Press 2019). Her writing can be found in The New Inquiry, American Poetry Review, Lit Hub, Boston Review, Cosmonauts Avenue, The Atlas Review, Dream Pop Press, glitterMOB, The Wanderer, and elsewhere. She is a Ph.D. candidate in English and comparative literature at Columbia University, and a poetry editor for Peach Mag.