October 2011

10 . 21 . 11

Third Publishing Announcement for Year 2 of Hyacinth Girl Press!
I am truly enjoying being able to make these publishing announcements a weekly thing here on the Hyacinth Girl Press site. This week I have the decadent pleasure of announcing that in our second year, Hyacinth Girl Press will be publishing Susan Yount's chapbook, Catastrophe Theory.

In addition to loving Susan's poetry, I am also deeply enamoured with all of the work she does within the poetry community as the editor of Arsenic Lobster and the Madame of the Chicago Poetry Brothel. How does she do it all? I sure as hell don't know.

Susan Yount (aka Sissy) was born and raised on a 164-acre farm in Southern Indiana where she learned to drive a tractor, harvest crops, feed the chickens and hug her beloved goat, Cinnamon. Soon after receiving her BA from Indiana University in Photo-Journalism, she married a physicist and moved to Ohio. While attending Kent State University as a guest graduate, she worked at the largest flour mill in northeast Ohio where she kept those Accounts Receivables up-to-date (no small feat, that!). Recently moved, she and her husband built a home on the south side of Chicago with a view of the Sears Tower. In the middle of the upheaval she found time to give birth to a bouncy baby boy! She is the Editor and Publisher of Arsenic Lobster and works (for pay!) at the Associated Press. Having begun graduate studies in poetry at Columbia College in Chicago, she now balances her studies with work, her new home and her delightful baby. Only Mimi Mousy Tongue knows what Susan will be doing next and she's not talking. Her poetry has appeared in several print and online magazines including Elixir, Bathtub Gin, Wicked Alice, Verse Daily and The Chaffin Journal. Susan is a 2003 recipient of The Lynda Hull Memorial Scholarship in Poetry. In 2010 she was awarded first prize in the 16th Annual Juried Reading competition at The Poetry Center Of Chicago. In her spare (!) time she moonlights as the madame at the Chicago Poetry Brothel.

So yes, Susan is intimidatingly amazing. Her poetry has energy and movement that will blow the top of your head off. I'm super-excited to get to publish Catastrophe Theory next year through Hyacinth Girl Press!


Remember - less than 10 days remain to get your manuscript submitted for consideration for publication next year!

10 . 13 . 11

Second Publishing Announcement for Our Second Year!
It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce the second chapbook that Hyacinth Girl Press will publish in our second year cycle.

In 2012, Hyacinth Girl Press will have the joy of publishing Sarah J. Sloat's chapbook Homebodies.

Sarah Sloat is from New Jersey but has lived for many years in Germany, where she works for a news agency. She has also been a dog sitter, English teacher, NOW canvasser, translator and reader for the blind. Poetically she is drawn to the French and Eastern Europeans. Her poems have been published in Bateau, Barn Owl Review and the Literary Bohemian, among other places, and her chapbook "Excuse me while I wring this long swim out of my hair" was published this summer by Dancing Girl Press. Sarah blogs at The Rain in My Purse (http://theraininmypurse.blogspot.com).

As with Dana Guthrie Martin, I have loved Sarah's work for quite a while and positively feel like I am getting away with something, publishing her, Dana, the poets I've yet to announce, and everyone for the first publishing year.  It is beauty like this that makes me so very happy to have started Hyacinth Girl Press.


In other press news, this weekend is the first edition of the 2 by 4 reading series! This first reading is FREE and will be held at ModernFormations in Pittsburgh. I am very, very excited to have Juliet Cook coming into town to read, as well as so many amazing Pittsburgh writers - Jason Baldinger, Jerome Crooks, Deena November, Renée Alberts, Wayne Wise, and Marcel Lamont Walker. Doors are at 5:30pm. The reading got a very nice write-up in Pop Filter. Come out if you're in the area!

Thirteen Designer Vaginas and Book Four are both available now, and A Wicked Apple by Susan Slaviero is coming up fast! We're still taking subscriptions for our first publishing year's chapbooks (to be rounded out in the winter with Nocturnes by Kathleen Kirk), so pick 'em up now! The year one subscription deal is only good for as long as we are in year one.

Submissions are CLOSING on October 31st. We will be closed for submissions for at least 8 months after that (barring some sort of lapse into insanity on my part) so if you want to submit to Hyacinth Girl Press, now is the time. I did not intend on closing submissions so soon and with so little notice, but there are a lot of manuscripts in the que and a lot of them are really quite good, so I want to spend my time reading those and working on the manuscripts already accepted for publication.

As always, go forth! Submit! Dream of inanimate objects sprung suddenly to life...

10 . 4 . 11

First Publishing Announcement for Year 2 of Hyacinth Girl Press
I am very very very excited (thrilled, even) to make the first publishing announcement for Hyacinth Girl Press' second year!

Our first chapbook of our second year will be Dana Guthrie Martin's In the Space Where I Was.

I have been a fan of Dana's writing for a number of years and was extremely excited to see her name pop up in the Hyacinth Girl Press inbox. It will be a huge pleasure to publish Dana's work, and I cannot think of a better way to start off Hyacinth Girl Press' second year.

Dana Guthrie Martin is a writer, editor and poet who lives in a town called Walla Walla, situated in the county seat of Washington state. She shares her home with her partner, their chihuahua and a very old hermit crab named Palmer. Her work includes The Spare Room (Blood Pudding Press, 2009) and Toward What Is Awful (YesYes Books, forthcoming).

In the mean time, we are still open for submissions here at Hyacinth Girl Press, and Niina Pollari's chapbook, Book Four has just been released! Purchase! Submit! Dream of the Fibonacci Sequence...

10 . 1 . 1

Book Four – available now!

Book Four by Niina Pollari is available now! We are particularly pleased here at Hyacinth Girl Press to get the chance to feature Niina's work - the poems in Book Four have an environmental tilt to them and an absolutely beautiful sense of language and movement. As soon as I read the poem below, I knew I was going to publish Book Four.

If you are blue then dear you are blue. If I am away, then I can't come to meet you.

I left through the rathole, where there once and ever-once was a shut door wanting to slam.

So when I send a postcard, I'll mark it posthaste. I left through the front,

though I had posterior motives. Yes the pun's the devil's work, but God made language

let him in.

- Niina Pollari