November 2011

11 . 16 . 11

Cover art preview for A Wicked Apple by Susan Slaviero
I am incredibly excited to unveil the cover to Susan Slaviero's chapbook, A Wicked Apple. The cover art, like the cover art for all of Hyacinth Girl Press' books insofar, was created specifically for the chapbook, but in this case the artist and poet had not met or spoken to one another when the art was created.

I asked Renée Alberts to create a cover for A Wicked Apple because I adore Renée's collage work (and her poetry. Some day, Renée...), and I really felt that Susan's poetry and Renée's art could work harmoniously together. I am beyond pleased with the result:

Renée Alberts' poetry and visual art have appeared in print, dance performances, live radio shows and at least one tattoo. She is author of the poetry collection No Water and editor of Natural Language: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Sunday Poetry & Reading Series Anthology, a collection of writers featured in the series she founded and curates. She guest hosts 90.5 FM’s Prosody and moderates the Pittsburgh Literary Calendar. She posts writing, photography and collage, including her Detail a Day Project, at

Susan Slaviero is the author of CYBORGIA (Mayapple Press, 2010). Recent and forthcoming chapbooks include Apocrypha (Dancing Girl Press, 2009), An Introduction to the Archetypes (Shadowbox Press, 2008) and Selections from The Murder Book (Ghost Ocean, forthcoming). Her work has appeared in Rhino, PANK, Kill Author, Artifice Magazine, Mythic Delirium and elsewhere. She designs and edits the electronic literary journal blossombones and performs as August Rose with the Chicago Poetry Brothel.

Check back soon for a poetry preview of A Wicked Apple, too...


In other lovely Hyacinth Girl Press news, a lovely new review of Juliet Cook's Thirteen Designer Vaginas was just posted by Rachel Kendall of Sein Und Werden! Go forth and read!

11 . 10 . 11

Year Two Publication Announcement (and more!)
I am super-excited to be able to make this next announcement for Hyacinth Girl Press' second year of publication, not only because the collection is raw and fabulous, but also because it marks our very first publication of a Pittsburgh-based poet.

The next chapbook to be added to the year two line-up is Deena November's Dick Wad.

Deena November graduated SUNY Binghamton in 2005 with a BA in Creative Writing, Poetry and received her MFA in Creative Writing, Poetry from Carlow University. In 2005, she co-edited the anthology I JUST HOPE IT'S LETHAL: Poems of Sadness, Madness, and Joy for Houghton Mifflin. Her poems have also appeared in Pittsburgh City Paper, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Shaking Like a Mountain, Nerve Cowboy, Chiron Review, Voices in the Attic, and Keyhole Magazine. She has taught Poetry and Creative Writing Workshops at Seton Hill University. Currently, she teaches at Carlow University and Robert Morris University in the English and Women’s Studies departments. She co-created Girls with Glasses Reading Series, Workshops, and Literary Journal. Deena lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and dog.

Dick Wad is Deena's first chapbook, and I am very very very excited to get to debut her collection with Hyacinth Girl Press. There's rawness and honesty, confrontation and playfulness all together in the chapbook that I really fell in love with. If you are in the Pittsburgh area and you have not yet done so, you really should make it to the next Girls with Glasses event.

This year we had vaginae, next year, dicks. Year three, ambiguous genitalia? Get on it, poets!


Before the month is out, Susan Slaviero's A Wicked Apple should be released! The cover art was created by the amazingly talented Renée Alberts and I absolutely cannot wait to share the harmony and beauty that is the work of these two women. 

I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to publish chapbooks by Juliet Cook and Niina Pollari already this year, and I am very, very excited to help bring Susan's next chapbook into the world. Thank you to everyone who is reading and everyone who is trusting me with their poetry.

11 . 1 . 11

Year two publication announcement of the week!
It is with the greatest pleasure that I announce another title for Hyacinth Girl Press' second year!

J. Hope Stein's chapbook, [Mary]:, will grace Hyacinth Girl Press with its presence in the summer of 2012. From the moment I read the first page of the manuscript I knew it was a perfect fit with us, and I am so very glad to have snatched this collection up.

J. Hope Stein is the author of the chapbooks [Talking Doll]: (Dancing Girl Press) and [Mary]: (Hyacinth Girl Press), both forthcoming in 2012, and her chapbook Light’s Golden Jubilee was a finalist in the 2011 Ahsahta Chapbook Contest. Her short film, The Inventor’s Last Breath, based on her full-length manuscript about Thomas Edison, was screened at the 2011 Cinepoetry Festival at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur. J. Hope Stein is also the author of poetry/humor site, editor of, and a member of Calypso Editions artist co-op. Her work can be seen in various journals and anthologies, including Poetry International, The Boog Reader: Boog City Anthology of New York City Poetry, Web Del Sol and Ping Pong. She is a member of the faculty at the Chicago School of Poetics.

The voice in [Mary]: is feisty and strong and story of it is absolutely one I cannot wait to see told at Hyacinth Girl Press.


We are now closed to submissions here at Hyacinth Girl Press. Huge, huge thanks to everyone who has submitted, and huge thanks as well to everyone who has picked up copies of Book Four and Thirteen Designer Vaginas (Subscriptions and single copies are still available over at our purchase page!). If you submitted and have not yet heard back, expect a response within the next month.

If you would like to possibly receive a review copy of Thirteen Designer Vaginas, Book Four, or the forthcoming A Wicked Apple by Susan Slaviero, drop me an email - hyacinthgirlpress (at) and let me know where the review might appear and a little about yourself.

Until the next announcement!