March 2012

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Limited Edition Nocturnes cover art print
Nashay Jones, the artist responsible for the beautiful cover art for Kathleen Kirk's chapbook, Nocturnes, has created a limited run of hand-printed linocut prints of her cover art!

We are offering a few of those prints, signed and numbered by Nashay, as a package with Kathleen's chapbook for $50.00.

The button will only be available here (not on the purchase page) and only for a limited time - once these prints are gone, they're gone!


If you want the print but have already picked up your copy of Nocturnes, another chapbook can be substituted if you like - just let us know in the notes at checkout!

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Year Two line-up
I've announced them one at a time, but now here is the schedule for Hyacinth Girl Press' second year of publishing. It's a bit ambitious, but we've learned a lot in our first year and I simply adore each and every one of these manuscripts.

In the Space Where I Was by Dana Guthrie Martin - March 2012 Catastrophe Theory by Susan Yount - late April 2012 Homebodies by Sarah J. Sloat - Early June 2012 [Mary]: by J. Hope Stein - Late July 2012 Sometimes there are travails by Lisa Ciccarello - Early September 2012 Dick Wad by Deena November - Late October Salt Ballads by Brooklyn Copeland - Early December 2012 The Exhibit by Lauren Eggert-Crowe - Late January 2013 Fabulous Beast by Sarah Kain Gutowksi - Early March 2013

Since there are 9 titles altogether, I'll be putting together a few subscription options to choose from in addition to a full year's subscription. In the Space Where I Was should be out in the next couple weeks, so look for Dana's chapbook and some new subscription buttons soon!

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Nocturnes by Kathleen Kirk – Now Available!

by Kathleen Kirk 

After it's debut at AWP last weekend, Kathleen Kirk's chapbook Nocturnes is finally available for purchase online here at Hyacinth Girl Press! Go to the purchase page HERE - $5.00 plus shipping!