July 2014

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Year Five Manuscripts

We received hundreds of submissions this year - a record number for us, in fact. From those many, many manuscripts, we've narrowed the pile down to our top 32. In the coming weeks we will announce from this list our 16 honorable mentions, 8 semi-finalists, 4 finalists, and the 4 chapbooks we ultimately choose to publish.

In no particular order the top 32 are:

The Gods Are Dead – Joanna C. Valente
efs and vees – Kimberly Ann Southwick
Tiny Devastations – Alyssa Yankwitt
The Sheep Stealer – Jenn Blair
wingless, scorched & beautiful – Allie Marini Batts
Welcome to the Circus Linneaus Freak Show – Yu-Han Chao
The Midway Iterations – T.A. Noonan
Conspiracy of Beauty – Christina Collins
Just Beneath Our House I Hide My Other Body – Carol Berg
Victoriana – Kristin LaTour
Lost & Found – Emilie B. Lindemann
Kept Ghosts: A Choral Aubade – Molly Sutton Kiefer, Colleen Coyne, Meryl
DePasquale, and Opal C McCarthy
Epilogue – Donna Vorreyer
the flutes are silent – Nic Sebastian
Necessary Girls – Jennifer Hanks
Music Lessons – Tasha Cotter
Eleanor and Loretta – Annemarie O’Connell
lots of Porches – Angelina Oberdan
Traveling – M. Mack
The Go Go Playlist – Tyler Patrick Smith
Swans – Katie Berger
The Marriage of Sappho & Eazy-E – Joseph Rathgeber
Gnomic Verse – Nathan Kemp
But I Know the Reason Why You Keep Your Silence Up – Becky Wills
Familiar Monsters – Nissa Lee
Resurrecting – Kelly Andrews
Scalpel, Scarlet – Caitlin Scarano
In the Hall of Dead Birds and Viking Tools – Michael Albright
The Crone – Heather Frankland
Brick-Woman – Andrew Koch
Leviathan – Neil Aitken
Creature Feature – Ruth Foley

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News from our Poets

Niina Pollari: DEAD HORSE, Pollari’s newest collection, is forthcoming from Birds, LLC.

Kathleen Kirk: Kathleen Kirk’s Interior Sculpture: poems in the voice of Camille Claudel (dancing girl press, 2013) is a collection of poems commissioned by Columbus Dance Theatre. They were set to music by composer Korine Fujiwara and to dance by choreographer Tim Veach. Claudel was performed in January 2014 and is also part of CDT’s upcoming season and will be performed in February 2015 in the Lincoln Theatre in Columbus, Ohio.

Susan Yount: House on Fire, Yount’s most recent collection, is a winner of the 2014 Blood Pudding Press Chapbook Contest.

J. Hope Stein: A recent interview with J. Hope Stein can be found on the Poetry Society of America’s website. In it, she answers some questions about Poetry Crush, her online journal. She will also be spending some time in Lithuania for the 2014 Summer Literary Seminars.

Lisa Ciccarello: In April of 2014, Black Cake Records released a 10-track album of Ciccarello’s poems called Worth is the Wrong Word.

Lisa Ciccarello: Ciccarello collaborated with Steve Leathers on a project called “Are You Your Work,” which was presented at Open Engagement in Queens, NY, in May of 2014.

Sally Rosen Kindred: Kindred’s second full-length collection, Book of Asters, was published by Mayapple Press.

Sally Rosen Kindred: Darling Hands, Darling Tongue (Hyacinth Girl Press, 2013) has been nominated for an Elgin Award from the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

Kathleen Rooney: Rooney’s first novel, O, Democracy!, a fictional recount of her experience working in Senator Dick Durbin’s Chicago office from 2006-2010, has been published by Fifth Star Press.

Laura Madeline Wiseman: Two of Wiseman’s collections have been published so far in 2014 – American Galactic and Some Fatal Effects of Curiosity and Disobedience – by Martian Lit and Lavender Ink, respectively.

Katie Jean Shinkle: Shinkle’s first novel, Our Prayers After the Fire, is forthcoming from Blue Square Press.

Lisa Marie Basile: Basile was the featured poet in Volume 52 of Poets & Artists Magazine, and her full-length poetry collection, APOCRYPHAL, is forthcoming from Noctuary Press.

Risa Denenberg: Denenberg’s chapbook, In My Exam Room (working title), has been accepted for publication by The Lives You Touch Publications.