January 2014

1 . 29. 2014

Available Now: In the Kingdom of My Familiar, by Julie Platt
We are pleased to announce the release of Julie Platt's chapbook, In the Kingdom of My Familiar, a collection that explores, through transformations of the body, ideas of intersection, collision, and destruction.

I have a heart that shoos me through the hours.
I have a father and a mother. I chew
heavy, seedless bread; I chop my dogwood tree.
I wait for winter, when the voices of my friends
are distinct in the articulate cold.
I am not a machine, though it is true
I have been augmented. In place of my legs,
the jaunty bones of a child
mistaken by his father for a stag. My windpipe
is the birth canal of a girl who went missing
in the Tennessee woods. Are you grateful for your life
in spite of what rots off of this world and dies
writhing in the snow?

Do not be afraid,
I am only a woman.

- from a My Familiar, from In the Kingdom of My Familiar

In the Kingdom of My Familiar

In the Kingdom of My Familiar
by Julie Platt
$6.00 + shipping


Julie Platt received a doctorate in rhetoric and composition studies from Michigan State University, and has master's degrees in poetry writing from Bowling Green State University and Ohio University. Her creative work has most recently appeared in Barn Owl Review, Birdfeast, Moon City Review, and Weave. She researches the relation-ship between creative writing and digital technologies, and she is currently Assistant Professor of English, Director of the Writing Center, and Director of Composition at the University of Arkansas at Monticello.

1 . 7 . 2014

Available Now: Zoonosis, by Kelly Boyker
Kelly Boyker's Zoonosis explores the spaces where animal and human collide and bleed into one another, where women take their power in the ways they must.

You throw off the light of a man who has tried
to solve himself against the bodies of many women.

I cast the shadow of a woman who
has used her body to bandage wounds.

You have the eyes of a man who leaves his truth
on the dresser and his history on the bed.

Back to back I am drugged with the leftover
chemicals of your lovers.

- I Know You from a Ragged Quarry, from Zoonosis

by Kelly Boyker
$6.00 + shipping


Kelly Boyker’s work has appeared in many places, including, but not limited to, PANK, Prick of the Spindle, Arsenic Lobster, Opium Magazine and FRiGG. More publications can be found in the Grateful Acknowledgements section of this chapbook. Her work has been Pushcart nominated and won the Richard Hugo House “Power of Place Annual Inquiry”. Most recently, she was honored to participate in the Fainting Couch Idioglossia collaborative anthology from Blood Pudding Press. When she is not at her mortgage-paying job she acts as as the poetry editor of Menacing Hedge. She lives in Seattle with four cats, one dog and her wonderful husband, Gio.