August 2012

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Now available – Sarah J. Sloat’s Homebodies!
Hyacinth Girl Press is proud to announce the latest chapbook for year 2 - Sarah J. Sloat's Homebodies!

In Homebodies Sarah J. Sloat coaxes voices from whisks and Monopoly tokens, from tea leaves and sponges, and gives a glimpse into the secret lives that run right under our noses, eloquence to the tiny universes of the home. Sarah J. Sloat is another poet I've admired for any number of years (are we noticing a pattern yet? Yeah, I'm a pretty lucky editor...) and bringing Homebodies to publication has been a very exciting process.

Sarah J. Sloat grew up in New Jersey, and has lived in Germany for many years, where she works in news. You can visit her at

by Sarah J. Sloat
$5.00 + shipping