April 2015

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Available Now: The Sheep Stealer
Hyacinth Girl Press is incredibly excited to kick off our 5th year of publishing with Jenn Blair's The Sheep Stealer. Blair's debut chapbook chronicles the odd and sometimes dark edges of a rural town, generations of those who pass through.

The Sheep Stealer, Jenn Blair

These are the stones of the day.
The offal and the refuse.
And sticks, scattered bones
the tree makes do without,
sometimes defiant,
sometimes bending.

These are the river’s feet,
all the underbellies of things.
And here is the dark
ancient song we dash our
hearts on the wheel to learn,
each keening hand and lung
a long ago whispered
long forgotten note.

-- List, from The Sheep Stealer

The Sheep Stealer
by Jenn Blair
$6.00 + shipping


About Jenn Blair

Jenn Blair has published work in the Berkley Poetry Review, Copper Nickel, Superstition Review, Kestrel, Cold Mountain Review, Blood Orange Review, Tusculum Review, New Plains Review, Tidal Basin Review, Southloop Review, Clockhouse Review, and The Newtowner among others. Her prose manuscript Human Voices was a finalist for Texas Review Press’s 2014 George Garrett Prize. She teaches at the University of Georgia and lives in Winterville, GA with her husband Dave and their daughters Katie and Molly.