Make It So

Make It So: Poetry Inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation

An initiative of Prime Directive Press

I. Ale
outlawed, it is an instant drunk
fit only for crystal goblets, state dinners
there are no Romulans now
to distill its sky blue vintage

II. Reproduction
oh blond thing! oh gray heart under
golden skin! Yar to your growling kin,
there are no Romulans now
except in cross-breeds and half-lives.

III. Warfare
they are uncloaking, undoing their
spangled metal robes, praying birds.
there are no Romulans now--
they take death over disgrace

IV. Homeworld
born of warm space dust, a deadly twin
an outlaw colony, a whirling beauty.
but there are no Romulans now,
just shards of civilization among the stars

-- "After Romulus", by Jessica Dyer, from Make It So

About the Anthology

I've been writing poetry about Captain Picard since I was about 8 years old (no, you may not read it). Now I'm a grown-ass poet, and I still want to write poetry about Captain Picard. It turns out that a fair number of us poets do. So I did what any sane person who reached this conclusion would do - put together a collection of the most amazing poetry in the Alpha Quadrant, a collection of poetry about Captain Picard, the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701-D, and their crew.

Defying logic, Make It So is a print collection, hand-made by yours truly in the ribbon-bound style of Hyacinth Girl Press' chapbooks. And it only costs $5.00, because I don't want to get sued.

Contributors to Make it So include Margaret Bashaar, J. Bradley, Jessica Dyer, Angele Ellis, Kathleen Kirk, Robby Nadler, Phoebe North, James Radcliff, Sarah Reck, Brooke Robison, Jenny Rossi, Nicholas Samaras, Shappy Seasholtz, and Susan Slaviero, and features cover art by Wayne Wise.