Free Snake Poems About Snakes. Let's do this.

One day in the spring of 2014, Margaret Bashaar and Rachael Deacon decided to run their snake fingers at the ends of their snake hands on their snake arms like god damned snake rakes through the bowels of the literary community, and charged only the most extra-special rejects with sharing their feelings about snakes in a very public way. From cranky poets to schizophrenic drag queens and everything in between, all were given two very simple rules:

1. They write a poem that is (at least arguably) a poem and about snakes
2. They give zero fucks

The result was FREE SNAKE POEMS ABOUT SNAKES. Let's do this., a collection of poetry (arguably) about snakes. Snake as metaphor, snake as symbol, snake as image, snake as god, snake as character, and often, snake as penis (because everyone knew that was going to happen - let's be honest). While not free, the collection is at least Moderately Priced Snake Poems About Snakes, at $5.00 for a LOT of pages of poems about snakes.

"There's some guy in the Bible named Jeroboam.

When I was five years old I asked my parents for a pet snake. They forgot about it for ten years then surprised me one Christmas and got me a python.

An inch is about twenty five thousand microns.

I was fifteen when they gave me this snake. What the fuck is this, I thought, I don't want a snake anymore. I'm fifteen, I wanted one when I was five.

Fungal infections can give you hives."

- from The Worst Snake Poem Ever Written by Zeb Haradon