About Hyacinth Girl Press

Hyacinth Girl Press is a micro-press that publishes up to 6 poetry chapbooks each year. We specialize in handmade books of smaller press runs. We consider ourselves a feminist press and are particularly interested in manuscripts dealing with topics such as radical spiritual experiences, creation/interpretation of myth through a feminist lens, and science. We think outerspace, in particular, is pretty darn cool.

We also love collaboration – collaboration between poets, collaboration between a poet and other artist type, poetry in translation, collaboration with other presses. Interpret this liberally. Try us.

While we are interested in poetry that deals with the otherworldly, we are not interested in being preached to. The ultimate goal of Hyacinth Girl Press is to bring feminism, mysticism, and scientific inquiry together with awesome poetry.


Editor & Founder: Margaret Bashaar
Margaret’s first full-length collection of poetry, Stationed Near the Gateway, was published by Sundress Publications in 2015. She has 4 chapbooks; Barefoot and Listening (Tilt, 2009), Letters From Room 27 of the Grand Midway Hotel (Blood Pudding Press, 2011), Rungs, written with Lauren Eggert-Crowe (Grey Book Press, 2015), and a 4th chapbook forthcoming from Saucepot Publishing. Her work has also appeared in Caketrain, New South, Copper Nickel, RHINO, and the anthology Time You Let Me In: 25 Poets Under 25, among others. She also co-hosted and co-ran the poetry cabaret troupe The TypewriterGirls with Crystal Hoffman and has spoken on poetry, publishing, performance, and feminism at AWP, Carlow University, Slippery Rock University, University of Pittsburgh, Frostburg Indie Lit Festival, and SPF. She lives in Pittsburgh with far too many typewriters and writes intermittently for Luna Luna Magazine.

Design & Prose Editor: Sarah Reck
Sarah’s short stories have appeared in The Tributary and Elephant Tree. She is co-founder and managing editor of Litterbox Magazine (on hiatus) and blogs at Truth & Peanut Butter Sandwiches. Previously, she lived in New York City and worked with one of the Big Six publishing companies. Currently, she resides in Pittsburgh, with her cat Lola, where she works in social media and web management at a museum.

Reviews Editor: Sarah Boyle
Sarah B. Boyle is a poet, mother, activist, and high school teacher. She is the author of the chapbook What's pink & shiny/what's dark & hard (Porkbelly Press), and her poems and essays have appeared in Menacing Hedge, Entropy, Lunch Ticket, VIDA, and elsewhere. Following the rapes and assaults that ripped through multiple literary communities this past year, she edited a series of essays for Delirious Hem on rape culture and the poetics of alt lit. Find her online at impolitelines.com.