Available Now: the hows and whys of my failures, Dan Nowak

this is my rifle

i like to imagine there’s a metaphor about love being a Kalashnikov somewhere
that I know about like i’m some sort of scholar on metaphors or love or guns
without being creepy and sitting in a dark corner all night long hoping to get
the courage to talk to the girl who’s always looking like she’s about to leave even
though her friends keep buying her drinks and i wonder how she’ll kiss if she’ll
use too much teeth or not enough lip or just enough skirt to roll my eyes back
into my skull like i’m even more in love than these four whiskey and waters lead
me to believe that attraction is all trigger tension or a more pronounced iron sight
like when one tooth is much larger than the other and it shouts kiss kiss kiss kiss
until you do even if that isn’t where the night is meant to have gone but it goes
oh it goes anyways and there’s always the morning where hangovers and cleanings
go hand in hand and not in the romantic way i picture tonight going but in the way
where i’m left pushing a broom and picking up shell casings and i woke up all
alone again with my hand down my pants and drinks i meant to buy still in my pocket

- from the hows and whys of my failures, Dan Nowak

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