Now available: To Breathe I'm Too Thin

Dalton Day's To Breathe I'm Too Thin captures the beautiful grotesquerie of the body and the self.

This chapbook also has a special numbered limited edition version with gold leaf end pages, gold ribbon, and a limited edition cover. All Hyacinth Girl Press subscribers will receive the limited edition version of To Breathe I'm Too Thin, and individual copies of the limited edition will be available for $7 plus shipping until they are all gone!

"You reach inside my chest to grab my heart, but it isn’t there. You reach further & further until you’re completely inside me. It is snowing. It looks like the sky is shedding her feathers. In front of you is a frozen lake. It spreads so far you think it might be an ocean." - from To Breathe I'm Too Thin, by Dalton Day