Available Now From Hyacinth Girl Press: Leviathan, Neil Aitken

Leviathan, Neil Aitken Neil Aitken's Leviathan brings to a close our fifth year of publishing. Aitken explores the world of Charles Babbage, inventor of the difference engine, the world's first programmable computer, bringing both man and machine deftly to life.

From here, you lay bare the world,
table after table—column after column:

each thing known and numbered, counted
like sparrows in their open graves,

the heartbeats of pigs, the staggered breathing
of cattle in low country fields. Each significant.

A sign. A signature. The quantity of ink
spread on the printer’s block. Silk threads,

caterpillars, calico scarves and handkerchiefs.
The number of stones or red bricks thrown

by drunken men at your windows. The strokes
of a loom operated by a man or a machine.

- excerpted from Babbage at His Desk, Enumerating the Known World