Available Now: The Insomniac Circus

The Insomniac Circus, Amorak Huey Step right up to Amorak Huey's The Insomniac Circus and be amazed by these show-biz vagabonds and restless freaks who, tequila-bleary and sleep-deprived, work their minor miracles for strangers while "the slur & smear / of things I'd prefer to forget" simmers just behind their wary eyes. These poems might sound like knee-slappers: "The Tight Rope Walker Gets High," "The Fire-Eater Gets All Hot and Bothered," but they're as serious as a phone call in the middle of the night, brimming with the ultimate desire that fuels us all, that "thirst I still cannot name." Huey's memorable characters weave a three-ring spell around us, and we are happy to buy our ticket and take our seats inside his tent of wonders, where so many full hearts dangle from silk thread, wondering if the net below will hold.

— Erin Keane, author of Death-Defying Acts and Demolition of the Promised Land

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